Grant County Announces Young Writers Contest Winners

Grant County Young Writers Contest Winners

1st and 2nd Grade

First Place – The Snowy Wish written by: Hadleigh Wright - School: PES Teacher: Brittany Porter

Second Place – The Lost Turtle written by: Kayda Carr - School: PES Teacher: Mariah Goldizen

Third Place (tie)– The Farm written by: Kenzie Haslacker - School: PES Teacher: Brittany Porter

Third Place (tie)– Amy’s Adventure written by: Caroline Anderson - School: PES Teacher: Diana Harman

3rd and 4th Grade

First Place – The Lost Locket written by: Ember Sharp - School: PES Teacher: Michaela Stickley

Second Place – The Magic Pencil written by: Todd Iman - School: PES Teacher: Amber Arbogast

Third Place (tie) – The Magical Door written by: Mya Ndlazi- School: PES Teacher: Amber Arbogast

Third Place (tie) – Top K-9 written by: Callie Roberts - School: MES Teacher: Kim Evans

5th and 6th Grade

First Place – Three Barrels, Two Hearts, One Dream written by: Elianna Alt - School: PES Teacher: Zondra Reedy

Second Place – One Day written by: Elizabeth Huffman - School: MES Teacher: Janie Pool

Third Place – Camping Experience written by: Jayla Bierkamp - School: MES Teacher: Janie Pool

7th and 8th Grade

First Place – The Murder Mystery written by: Angela Willis - School: PHS Teacher: Ashley Wilkins

Second Place – The Curse of the Ninth written by: Tara Kimble - School: PHS Teacher: Ashley Wilkins

Third Place – Was it a Dream? written by: Simon Carr - School: UEC Teacher: Megan Helmick/Kristine Shunk (sub.)

9th and 10th Grade

First Place – The Ghost of You written by: Kendra Snow - School: UEC Teacher: Megan Helmick/Kristine Shunk (sub.)

Second Place - Doors written by: Marley Kesner - School: PHS Teacher: Gloria Bava

Third Place – The Catch of a Lifetime written by: Samuel Jones - School: UEC Teacher: Megan Helmick/Kristine Shunk (sub.)

11th and 12th Grade

First Place – I Believe written by: Jailyn Cook- School: PHS Teacher: Angie Propst

Second Place – The Procedure written by: Megan Duncan - School: PHS Teacher: Angie Propst

Third Place – Just Another Day written by: Skylar Donaldson - School: PHS Teacher: Angie Propst