Mask Mandate Update

This is Superintendent Mitch Webster and I am calling to give you an update on our masks mandate that we have had in place since September.  The first thing I want to say is that having our students and staff wear masks during the surge of the delta variant has allowed us to greatly minimize quarantines and keep schools open and operating as normal as possible.  Secondly, I truly do want to end this mandate, but I don't want to act prematurely and have us in a situation with massive quarantines and cancellation of events.  With that in mind we are going to extend the mask mandate through November 19th.  That is only 3 more weeks and will get us to Thanksgiving break.  During this time I am going to monitor the Covid data on a daily basis and if the numbers continue on a downward trend and our county is in the green we will lift the mask mandate when students return to school on Monday November 29th.  Please understand that if we are able to lift the mask mandate beginning on November 29th it could very well be reinstated if cases increase to an unacceptable level or student quarantines become substantial.  I will make an all call on the evening of November 28th indicating how we are proceeding forward with an explanation regarding whatever decision is made.  Also, please keep in mind that our current mask requirement is  only in effect during regular school hours.  It does not extended to activities beyond the school day.  Thank you.