PES 5th & 6th  Grade Band Class

Thanks to the determination of Elementary Curriculum Director, Vanessa Harlow and PES Music Teacher, Teresa Lomasney PES received 30 new band instruments to begin band and chorus classes at PES.  The following instruments were purchased:

6 snare drums with cases
4 trombones
4 saxophones
4 trumpets
2 flutes, and
10 clarinets.

Various other supplies were purchased, as well.  This list includes band method books, drumsticks, reeds, and other items needed for cleaning and maintenance.

Band and Chorus is taught together each Friday for 5th and 6th grade students.  At the present time we have 20 sixth grade participants and 26 5th grade participants.  Students will be learning beginning band content standards.

A special thank you to Julianna Rafferty.