anti bullying clipart

Anti- bullying week!

This week we will be dressing up to support stopping bullying in schools. Listed under is what you can wear each day if you would like to participate. Thank you for your support in stopping bullying!

« Monday April 25, 2022- speak up for people getting bullied! Wear as much blue as you possible can.

« Tuesday April 26, 2022- Don't be afraid to be different- Wear mismatched clothes.

« Wednesday April 27, 2022- Team up against bullying – Wear your favorite team jersey. (No hair dye or face paint)

« Thursday April 28, 2022 – Show someone you care about them and your school- Wear as much red and black as you can to support PHS. (No hair dye or face paint)

« Friday April 29, 2022- Put bullying to bed- wear your PJ's to school.

Please remember to follow the school dress code.